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We founded Worth Consulting to use our 29 years of experience running and ultimately selling our own business to provide actionable guidance to our clients before, during and after a sale of their company. Operating our business for decades and walking through a sale that benefitted all parties has given us insight into the mindset, the soulset, and the practical strategies needed along the way.


We know what it’s like to plan an exit after years of pouring your life into your employees and clients. Our sale benefitted all parties: The owners (us), the employees, and the private equity company who purchased us. We walk with you on the journey of finding out what things are most important to you in exiting your company, and we keep you focused on those things throughout the process.


We provide practical advice on forming your deal team: Investment Banker, Deal Lawyer, Deal CPA, Wealth Manager, and any other professionals you may need. We coach you as you prepare to meet with potential buyers and debrief the meetings afterward to keep your eye on what’s most important to you. Perhaps most importantly of all, we continue the journey with you post-sale to help you create the new and exciting next chapter of your life!


Most people will sell one business in their lives, yet your buyers may have purchased hundreds of companies. You need a team on your side who knows as much or more than they do. We’re here to help.

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As a certified coach, I work with entrepreneurs and business leaders to not only develop your leadership skills, but to root into your soul, your core essence, and what you long to create. It’s my passion to see you step into all that you were created to be and to do in this world, and to discover the unique ways you are meant to be of service. 


I also work with women in transition, who have recently finalized a business sale and desire to create a new and exciting path forward. What’s in front of you can feel a bit overwhelming at first. I’m here to help you look at your new chapter through the expansive lenses of spiritual depth, growth mindset, and tapping into the wisdom of the body. Through a unique mix of spiritual practices, brain writing, yoga and breathwork, I support you to  step into the big new life you are meant to live!


So often in the nonprofit/ministry space, there is an abundance of passion and care; what I love to do is help women of influence to deepen into that heart-based thinking while applying effective principles for getting important things done.


Through the use of my original curriculum, five weeks with The Spirit-Powered Leader and seven weeks with The Seven Pillars of Wisdom, I lead you through spiritual practices, mindset shifts, and tapping into the wisdom of the body. My mission is to support you to expand your ability to both be transformed and to ignite transformation in the people you serve.

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The WPO: I facilitate two Atlanta chapters of The Women’s Presidents Organization (the WPO). Women business leaders encounter unique challenges and need a supportive group to re-energize and refocus! The WPO is for women who own and run their own businesses and have at least $1 million in annual gross revenue.


My mission as Chapter Chair is to cultivate a container where our members can totally be themselves, learn from each other at a deep level, create lasting friendships, and leave each meeting inspired to take actions that will uplevel their businesses, their personal lives, and their communities.

Visioning Retreats: Using a unique blend of leadership training, yoga and brain writing, I also facilitate workshops and visioning retreats for small businesses.

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